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  • teaching and lectures

    • Bremen, HFK, guest teaching "composer-performer" & "sound and image", invited by Jennifer Walshe
    • Hamburg, HfMT, guest lecturer "composition and practice", invited by Alexander Schubert
    • Seoul, RAT School of Art, lecture-performance

  • projects and pieces

    •    RIGA TRACKS, performative audio guide for Riga, 30/5-20/6, SKAN II festival, Riga
    •    BELGIAN SOLUTIONS EXPO, vlaamse filmfestival, 8 May-6 June, Utrecht
    •    HOW WAS THE AUDIENCE TONIGHT?, 2-24 May, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
    •    BERGEN TRACKS, 19-23 March, Lydgalleriet/Borealis Festival, Bergen (No)
    •    DRAG & DROP, 14+15 March, Wanderlust FestivalIxelles (Bxl)
    •    BELGIAN SOLUTIONS EXHIBITION, Vrijstaat-O, Ostend, till 26/3/2014

•    BELGIAN SOLUTIONS, book&facebook
•    HORTA SCORES, with S.Goel, scores for Bozar, Bxl
•    KEINE-MUSIK: new earpieces, scores for cataloge Klankenbos, Neerpelt
•    OUTCUTS, album with soundart pieces on Surfacenoise
•    MAASTRICHT TRACKS, performative audio guide for Maastricht
•    KORTRIJK TRACKS, performative audio-guide for Kortrijk, tourist office or online
•    WHAT PEOPLE SAY, exterior installation at facade of Beursschouwburg, Brussels

HORTA SCORES, with Sujata Goel, Monsoon Encounter (Kobalt), Bozar, Bxl

KEINE-MUSIK: earpieces - print (new pieces!), scores for cataloge Klankenbos, Neerpelt
KEINE-MUSIK: earpieces - The Show, ego-active performance, residency at Q-O2, Brussels

KEIN-BILD, scores for the wall, print series, A3 project space, Birmingham

BELGIAN SOLUTIONS, book launch, MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Beursschouwburg, Brussels
BELGIAN SOLUTIONS IN 170 SLIDES, presentation, Kaaitheater, Bxl

DRAG & DROP, opening performance Tuned City, Bxl
DRAG & DROP, social choreography, Still Walking Festival, Birmingham

OUTCUTS, album release on Surfacenoise

MAASTRICHT TRACKS, performative audio guide, group show Resonance, Intro in situ, Maastricht
KORTRIJK TRACKS, performative audio-guide, Network Resonance, Flanders Festival Kortrijk

TO POOL, a card game,  Kortrijk Congé

KEIN-BILD, FRAME_exhibition, six/eighth café, Clarke Gallery, Birmingham

WHAT PEOPLE SAY, exterior installation Beursschouwburg, Brussels, first for I fail good expo, now permanently throughout the seasons 2012-2014

SOUND EXCHANGE: KORTRIJK / JERUSALEM (former Public Sounds from Kortrijk and Jerusalem, soundinstallation, Begijnhof,  Festival van Kortrijk
KEINE-MUSIK: earpieces - workshop, PianoFabriek, Brussels 

KEINE-PAUSE / NO BREAK + audience observations, in piano recital '492kilo'
Intro In Situ, Maastricht/NL, November Music Festival, Den Bosch/NL, Concertgebouw Brugge/BE, deSingle, Antwerp

AWARD WINNER (pianobook), ad libitum composition, Stuttgart
FÜR AUFRICHTIGES KLAVIER, concert, Glashalle Tübingen

ANNESSENS WALK for Académie Royal Des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

BELGIAN SOLUTIONS performance in Petit Wiels#2, Brussels

KEINE-MUSIK in everybodys publication, Denmark

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Burning Ice Festival, Kaaitheater, Bxl


GOOGLE DERIVE through Versailles, Dominkingdom, Bxl
playground festival with Mette Edvardsen, Leuven

SHOOTOUT, performed by Mr Probe at L'aventura / Paradox in Tilburg, de link in Tilburg, Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and q-o2 in Brussels

LINE-UP for Maulwerker, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin


TWO GUIDED COMPOSITIONS, Dansand Festival, Oostende

SHOUTING PIECE, ICMC, Grand Central Station and Penn Station, New York

SOUNDWALKS + SHOUTING PIECE at Spor Festival, Aarhus

BELGIAN SOLUTION in Stempel Magazine, Vooruit, Ghent

PAY A DAY + SOCIAL PIECE at Borealis Festival, Bergen

KEINE-MUSIK + New Music Demonstration in RTRSRCH magazine, Amsterdam

CROSS THE LAND to greyzone, Z33, Hasselt


Combien de Sucre with Anna Rispoli, Bxl

PAY A DAY, Borealis Festival, march Bergen/NO

CD-release with DREI STEINE HOCH, ensemble Verso, Amsterdam

SHOOTOUT, Croxhapox, Ghent


performing 'letter pieces' by SHLOMOWITZ, Bravo Bxl



PLANE SHOOTING + SEPERATISM at 'the ever mass land' finissage, Bxl

SHOOTOUT (premiere) at What's next festival, Brussel

IN STEIN, played by Duo di Follia, Oaze,Lier/B

MOTELbich welcomes MoHa!, Zsennestreet17, Brussels

Greetings from DRIE PONTS, with Suede36, Bxl, postponed!

MOVE FOR A DAY, venue exchange at micronomics, Bxl

PrInterPrInterPrInter (VORSPIEL, GRETTINGS,...), Boralis Festival, Bergen/NO

explicitexplict plays Café Dada at Oranja Nights, Bxl

publication everybodys self interviews, Copenhagen

NACHGEschmack: HOTELbichs final, bxl


- Dreyer+van Eeghem/Also doch, sound and staging, Brussels, nov 08

- "or else nobody will know", perfomer for Mette Edvardsen, Rådstua Teaterhus, Tromsø, nov 08

- In Stein
for git+rec(fl), HOTELbich, Bxl, oct 08

- doubblewalk composition
with D.Bergé at park58 festival, Bxl, sept 08

- VORSPIEL with interinterinter, de Bijloke, Gent, sept 08

- PARCOURS 1-3 with expr. walks and venue-exchange, HOTELbich, Bxl, july-oct 08

curator and artist in residence of HOTELbich, the new venue of nadine in Schaarbeek / Brussels, july-december '08

- presentation of out-side-in at opening Flagey square, mp3-soundtrack for Ixelles/Bxl, july 08

- explicitexplicit concert, f.r.o.g.s. funeral, Mobile Institute, Bxl, june 08

- Responsoria 1-2-3, solo installation parcours, Gallery Spijkstraat, Gent/B, june 08

workshop 'imagine changebility' for SUEDE36 architects and the City of Brussels, Académie des Beaux-Arts, may 08
- Haltungsschaden in MomentsMusicaux in Aarau/ Austria, may 08

- Tourist in Your Own City (with Varinia Canto Villa) + Urban Obstakel Walk (with Thomas Laureyssens) at Micronomics/Citymined, Bxl, may 08

- WAS IST DAS popsong for 'also doch' by Katja Dreyer and Bernard van Eeghem, Bxl, april 08

- mymiddlenameisjohannesoliver, solo-profil, e- git+voice, recordings, myspace, march 08

- premiere of the composition/performance VORSPIEL for 2 performers and recorder player at rational rec /London, 4 march '08

- documentation of THE TEMPORARY INSTITUTE, including texts, videos and stuff. Book and DVD, jan-march '08


- performer in 'or else nobody will know' from Mette Edvardsen, Stuk/Leuven, Kaai/Brussels, BlackBox/Oslo, Vooruit/Ghent '07

- documentation of WALK 1-12 part of research space at 'WALK! – Spazierengehen als Kunstform' exhibition project at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, september '07

- 'schnipsen', 'klatschen zählen', 'top ten of natural numbers' and pianopieces and dancer for M.Shlomowitz, York, july '07

- Hallo 1-2-3-4-5, by Mathias Koole, Brussels, Ghent, may+june '07

- IT-WALK for a paid audience, spend-it festival, Brussels, april '07

- panelist for debate on public space, EUROPAN, Hamburg, april '07

- Haltungsschaden, composition for three performers, with T.Pauwels, S. Anaraki during music performs, Netwerk, Aalst (B), ' march 07

- Ramming, 25 min soundtrack for DVD "borsht" of art-workspace nadine, march '07

- Keine Spiele mehr, performance concept with Shila Anaraki, Frascati, Amsterdam ('something raw'), Monty ('hit the stage'), Antwerp, jan.'07

- In Stein, composition for tenor-recorder + guitar, Conservatory of Ghent, feb. '07

- Lebenswege Wurmsyteme, performance, nadine, Brussels, jan.'07

- WALK 1-12, weekly walk-compositions (WALK 4 with HELLHANS), Brussels, '06-'07

- The Temporary Institute, three-month-residence project with architect Laurent Liefhooghe and sound-artist Paul Craenen at nadine,'06-'07


- website soundtrack, three pieces, for art-workspace nadine, dec '07

- essays in magazine stART, Burghausen, nov.'06

- Lebenswege Wurmsyteme, performance, Burghausen, nov.'06

- giving workshop on piecemaking at Studium-Bühne, Burghausen, nov 06

- "standing in someone else's shoes (and suit)" and "cutting a piece", performance with N. Bayens and B.Vandewalle for 'welcome back, mister Paik', Monty, Antwerp, sep.'06

- ram-ing, electronic piece, 24 min, for publication/DVD Nadine 2005, june '06

- teacher of workshop 'pas de cinq' for Ictus and BOZAR, Brussels, may '06

- The Calculators, evening program with Tom Pauwels (Ictus) at Rational Rec, London, april '06

- Hallo 1-2-3-4-5 (for guitar and air-guitar) performed by Tom Pauwels/PlusMinusEnsemble at Logos, Ghent, march '06

- performer as guest member of the Maulwerker/Berlin in opera production 'Cong Su: Welt im Quecksilberlicht', direction Chen Shi-Zheng, HAU1 (Maerzmusik), Berlin, march '06, Theater Basel, april '06


- Keine-Spiele mehr, performance concept for walking audience, with Shila Anaraki at Nadine/Brussels, dec.'05

- Hallo 1-2-3-4-5 (for guitar and air-guitar) at Wien Modern by Tom Pauwels, nov.'05

- Haltungsschaden, composition for three performers of the Maulwerker/Berlin, oct. '05

- Estland-Stück, instrumental composition (sop-fl-kn-cl-perc) for ensemble Resonabilis, Tallinn/Estonia, june '05.

- There are many ways of saying Gleichzeitigkeit, performance and installation with Boris Baltschun at Mediaruimte, april '05, Nadine june '05, argosfestival, sept.'05

- lectures ('body compositions'), instr.compositions (with Ensemble 2000/Copenhagen) and performances as part of the freiburg dot dk festival in Copenhagen/Denmark, march '05.

- Lauthalt (kept sound), instrumental composition (vl-vcl-cl-git-pn) for the plus-minus ensemble/London-Brussels-Bremen, performed at NADINE/Brussels and St.Petridom Bremen, march '05.


- sound compositions for two choreographies of p.a.r.t.s., at Rosas Performance space, Brussels, june and Grenoble, nov. '04.

- sauberes Projekt / HELLHANS, concept- and documentation project together with Christophe Meierhans in Geneva, aug. '04.

- nur kuckn gibs nich, installation with illustrator Rinah Lang, composer Christophe Meierhans and stage designer Christoph Ragg, gallery MatrixArtProject, Brussels, Off’04-festival, may '04.

- Stückbehauptungen gegen Behauptungsstücke (assertion of pieces against pieces of assertion), solo performance with slides/projectors, video, CDs and actions in Logos, Ghent (B), may '04.

- Keine-Spiele, sound-, movement- and projection pieces with dancer Shila Anaraki, performed in MatrixArtProject/ Brussels in april '04.

- Für aufrichtiges Klavier, piano book for the Jaques-Dalcroze Institut, Brussels, 2003/4.


instrumental compositions & co.

Album NYH