There are many ways of saying Gleichzeitigkeit

video-sound-installation together with Boris Baltschun, 2005

shown at:
Mediaruimte, Bxl, 2005
nadine festival, Bxl, 2005

Argos Festival, Bxl, 2005
and on youtube of course.


A performance concept by Helbich and Baltschun, which developed into an audiovisual installation. Two facing screens show simultaneous video recordings of a slide projector, being subjected to several manipulations. One or two hands switch the machine on and off, they change slides series, show slide windows etc. The two videos differ from each other with regards to the order of the actions and the subject matter of the slides. The difference becomes clear only slowly and it turns into the essential theme of the image material. This is reinforced by the soundtrack, an autonomous composition made from actual sound material, coinciding in turns with one video or the other. The stereo-effect, created by an intersecting set-up (speakers aimed from the sides to the middle of the space), keeps setting the spectator on the wrong track.

- a dark room, size: minimum 25 qm
- 2 screens, about 2m x 1,5m, face to face
- 2 videobeamer
- 2 monitor speakers
- 2 DVD-player

here some pictures of the vernissage-performance.


instrumental compositions & co.


Album NYH