Brussels Tracks


a performative and experimental audio guide for the city of Brussels

February - May 2015 at Brussels Center
starting point at art center Beursschouwburg, where you get a book, an mp3 player and headphones

opening presentation 6 February 2015, 11h (morning!)

soon you can also download the book and the tracks at this website.

Belgian solutions in exhibition

Argos - Center for Art and Media, Brussels 2014


Tear the card along the lines in the given order. 

Seven Scores for Horta Hall (with Sujata Goel)

Absorb your body, mind and soul into the step.

Drag & Drop

An audience member being dropped at a hang-out spot in Birmingham.
Soon he will be picked up again and dragged to the next drop-spot.  
Still Walking Festival, Brimingham, Sep 2013 (photo D.H.)