Scores for looking out the window - eyepieces (2020)

series of self-performance scores for eyes and mind (score 1)

This new series of instructions for the gaze out the window is building on the work "No View - Scores for Skyline contemplations" from 2015. The mini-pieces are made for the eye, the look and the mind, the thought.

The ongoing series is made in times where many people experience a lock-down and quarantine situation caused by the outbreak of the covid-19/corona pandemie in spring 2020.

The concept of inventing scores/instructions for self-performances comes with the idea that art can be a guide for an "intro-active" mode of esthetic experiences. More than showing off creativity and originality these works invite the audience to take agency, be inspired and use the art for their own needs.

(more pieces to be posted daily from 17 march 2020 on social media.)

score 1

score 2

score 3

score 4

score 5

score 6

score 7

score 8
score 9

score 10
score 11
score 12.1
score 12.2
score 12.3
score 13


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