Gegen die Wand ('music by mistake') - installation

Gegen die Wand
FM radio, streamed piece 'ram-ing', served glas of water (sound)

shown at the solo exhibition 'Responsaria'
presented by odradek in Gent, Belgium, from 13-15 June 2008
including three installations, all based on the concept of 'music by mistake'.

Soundfile used here is from the series 'ram-ing'. Here a description of a CD version:

"This piece is based on a ram-sound files of spoken voices, which I first by mistake and then deliberately opened by programs normally unable to read these sort of files. I did this by giving them false file extensions.

A kind of forced mistake with results of 20 times the original length and of an abstract beauty.
This particular piece was composed out of different files for a DVD of the artists residence place Nadine in Brussels in 2006.

Other versions of ram-ing appear in my installation Gegen die Wand (2008) and as soundtrack of my Cross the land - Map Dérive film (2010)."


instrumental compositions & co.


Album NYH