Kortrijk Tracks

Kortrijk Tracks is a collection of self-performative audio-guide and score pieces which are as much tailored to a specific place as they are generic.

These pieces are part of a collection of experimental audio-guides by artists such as Christina Kubish and kio Suzuki, all commissioned by Festival van Kortrijk, now "Wilde Westen".

At Wilde Westen in Kortrijk an open headphones sets, audio-players and score-books are made available to you.

An interview with informations about my concepts behind this work you can find on the Resonance-blog.

Each of the nine tracks are also available for download, as well as are .pdf versions of the scores.

You can perform the pieces separately and in any preferable order.
Please make use of so-called 'open' headphones in order not to block out the sounds of your environment. These environmental sounds are meant to blend with the sound material of the audio-guide itself. If you do not have access to open headphones, please take care of not setting the playback volume too high.

The files can be downloaded here:

The Score-Book

The Sound Files (please use open headphones, if possible)

 Other City Tracks:

other links:

on the website of Wilde Westen (former Festival van Kortrijk)

instructions for the mp3-player

GONZO magazin (in dutch) in the Klankstappen collection
Danae Bos from GONZO magazin  invented a Amsterdam map for the Track book.
Photos from the GONZO walk of the Kortrijk Tracks in Amsterdam

Visitors of the opening starting Track 1

Festival team during the opening, 21 April 2013. On the right the amazing headphones by Christina Kubisch, on the left mine.

Track 1 takes place on this little hill on front of the tourist office.

The Score Book that comes with the headphones and the mp3 players.

LISTEN TO THIS from Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk on Vimeo.
Little promo video for all the three guides up till now. The scores and the actions are more approx. here.

The next pictures were send in by people who did the Kortrijk Tracks. 

Here you see Stijn and Marissa doing Track 5, Track 6 and Track 7.


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