all one shape - for hanging mics & human delays (performance, 2019)

celebrating echos with social clappings

All One Shape - for hanging mics and delayed audience 
In this post you'll find the documentation of the very first performance of "All One Shape" at STUK in Leuven for the Beyond Music #3 series, 27th of November, 2019. 

As it is with interactive performances, the first time is always a try-out. Even thou I publish the piece on my website, I consider it as a first step towards a final version.

The piece has three parts (songs) and was for this performance reduced to 25minutes in total. 

Each part can be a stand-alone performances as well. 

Song 1: scatter-di-scatter (triggering delays under 5 hanging microphones)

Song 2: I clap, I shoot, I touch (performing an explanatory poem)

Song 3 & 4: Human Delay & The Party (inviting everyone to join the human delay)


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