Square Waves & Round Hits - sound walk for the city of Bratislava

#selfperformance #introactivity

three compositions for headphones and drumstick
in a version for the city of Bratislava

for the Sensorium Festival 2021
co-curated by Meakusma Festival

map and info:

A drumstick (actually a "mallet": a stick with a hard rubber ball) and a soundtrack in your headphones is all you need to change the city into a place of self-performativity.

You will receive some instructions to play along with the compositions and your own imagination. Like this you become the audience and the performer of this piece at the same time. You perform for yourself, but you are not alone: you look around and you might see others with headphones and sticks.

Let yourself be guided and guide your self through a parallel layer of reality: the playground of potentiality!
Hear with your eyes and dance without anyone noticing it. 
Embodied the possible, the wild and the beautiful.


all photos here under by Saša Buricová from the premiere July 2021


instrumental compositions & co.


Album NYH