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red = new works
exhibitions, installations- 2019

  • projects, pieces & performances (sounds, moves, installments) - 2019

    • Berlin, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, "No Music" intervention, for valedictory lecture of Boris Balin, 1 February
    • Gent, De Bijloke: "House of Ear", sound installation & self-performance parcours with students of CASC@KASK and GAME, 6 April
    • Frankfurt, HfMDK (IzM), New Music Night: listening automat (former "inverted operas"),  music/game concept for ensemble and self-performing audiences in public spaces (created together with Holly Gramazio and Roasrio Talevi) with students of Lucas Fels, 30 April
    • Ghent, Croxhapx, drag and drop - hit and run - making love - just for fun,  Walk-Performance, 17 May 
    • Berlin, Kantine am Berghain, "for incoming crowd- D.J.H", live electronic set for Time Krytall III, 21 June
    • Berlin, BKA-Theater, Unerhörte Musik, Hallo 1 - 2 - 3 (2000), for solo guitar by Kobe Van Couwenberghe, 25 June
    • Belgrade, Belgrade Philharmonic (for Phones:On), NO-MUSIC: earpieces (remix 2) (2019), played by Ensemble Zabuna, 27 June
    • Eupen (BE), Meakusma Festival 2019, head and phones, land and scape, night or day, all one shape  (2016), headphone compositions for people in landscape, 7&8 Sept
    • Hasselt (BE), z33, "trans & form, breath & hum, dive & touch, hit & run", new work 2019, headphone compositions, inauguration 15 Sept (from then ongoing)
    • Maastricht, Marres, intro-activity for performative audiences (work title), 18 September
    • Brussels, Walter (SMOG series), audience observations & "schnipsen": snapping for sound and image (2001), with The Third Guy (Ruben Martinez Orio & Primož Sukič), 27 Sep 
    • Ghent, Vooruitsound work for "Mount Takl" by Heike Langsdorf, 30&31 October
    • Leuven, STUK (beyond music), "all one shape" (premier), sound performance, 27 November (FB event)
    • Brussels, Nieuwland site, various projects, long-term commission VGC, all year
    • Novi Sad, Belgrade Philharmonic (for Phones:On), NO-MUSIC: earpieces (remix 2) (2019), played by Ensemble Zabuna, 16 Dec

  • publications & print - 2019

  • lectures & teaching - 2019

    • Brussels, Bellone: Brussels Talk, public interview about "What people say", "Belgian solutions" and "project Nieuwland", 27 Feb
    • Hasselt, AZ nights, talk about new commission by Art Museum Z33, 19 March 
    • Ghent, KASK, masterclass with students of CASC@KASK and GAME, 2018/19
    • Darmstadt, INMM/Akademie der Tonkunst: "(aus sich) Rausgehen - soziale Choreographien und Intro-aktivität" lecture& performance with and by audience, 26 April 
    • Frankfurt, HfMDK (IzM), project class/workshop, improvisation and interactivity, April
    • Brussels, LUCA school of arts, Brussels walk, 16 September
    • Brussels, Street Photography Festival, curation, teaching, presentation, jury, 4-6 Oct

  • press & documentations, features - 2019

    • BBC Radio 3 in "Sound of the Week" 7min feature, 9 November 2019
    • ARTE, "Babel Express", rebroadcast of program about Belgian artists, 15 June (online till 21/6)
    • Belgium, Still magazine, Brussels Tracks meets a visual impaired listener, article + photos by Veerle Frissen, January
    • Belgium, RTBF (TV), Belgian solutions feature for "7 à la une", 7min, January



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