news & dates

permanent works

2023    Colors of Shade, large scale facade installation, major extension, Nieuwland, Brussels
2022    Bark like a dog, 15 digital walk art cards, municipality of Herzele, Belgium
2021    Maastricht Tracks, Marres, Audio Guide & Score Book, Maastricht, 56p.
2020    1000 Scores, digital platform with approx. 100 commissioned works, with H.Haug+C.Puschke
2020    Scores for the Body, Building & the Soul, Score Book, Serralves Museum, Porto
2019    trans & form, hit & run, audio guide, Z33, Hasselt
2019    Zicht Ruil - looking through walls, photo project in social space, Nieuwland/VGC, Brussels
2019    all one shape, audio guide, IKOB Museum of Contemporary Art Eupen
2016    all one shape, audio guide, Meakusma Festival
2015    Trying to look like a building, photo series, social media 
2013    Belgian solutions, Volume 1 - 3 (resp.2016&22, photo books, Luster publishing
2013    City Tracks, audio guide scores for Kortrijk, Brussels, Riga, Bergen, Maastricht, Luxembourg
2012    What People Say, facade installation, Beursschouwburg, Brussels
2007    Belgian solutions, social media photo collection



  • Brugges, Concertgebouw - inauguration of permanent works Imagine There Was No Roof  and Music In Pieces, October (deep listening day)
  • Arles (FR), Théâtre Antique - Belgian Solutions, slide show perf. for Live Magazine des Rencontres, 5 july
  • Brussels, Nieuwland site - official inauguration of Colors of Shade, facade installation, 77 plexi plates (40x60cm) and ferrite magnets, commission VGC, 16 april
  • Brussels, Chez Olivia - Project Room: Brussels Puzzles, framed photo prints, various sizes, double exhibition with painter Pierre Lefebvre, 21 march (opening)


  • album on label New York Haunted: Summer Hits, 7 tracks of electronic music, Nov
  • Jeju Island, South Korea, Art Track Jeju, Cociety Village,  House of Ear, solo show with 3 series, all September
  • Brussels, Nieuwland site - final installation of Colors of Shade, facade installation, 77 plexi plates (40x60cm) and ferrite magnets, commission VGC June - ongoing
  • masterclasses KASK/Ghent & Conservatory of Amsterdam, spring
  • Basel, Audio Leakage Community, collective workshop at CML & impro gig at HEK



  • podcast, Soundmaking ep.50, Echo-Ovations 1&2, 24 Dec
  • Seoul, Space One, 여인영/ Inyoung Yeo, sound design for video work of "Spiraling into the slippery edges of a hole" 20-28 November
  • Luxembourg, Rainy days Festival, Wunderkammer, intro-active performance, "David Helbich Scores for the Body, the Building and the Soul for the Philharmonie Luxembourg, 2021", 21 November  (13h30)
  • Luxembourg, Rainy days Festival, Ictus Ensemble, performance, "Line-Up" (for 6 performers), 20 November  (17h)
  • Brussels, Wild Gallery (Ictus invites), electronic improvisation together with Travis Just, 6 November
  • Belgium, Luster (publisher), reprint of Belgian solutions - volume 1&2, October
  • Eschborn (Frankfurt/D), Eschborn K, electronic improvisation together with Hannes Seidl & Michael Maierhof, October
  • Maastricht, Marres - Maastricht Tracks (new version), audio guide/book, September - ongoing
  • Amsterdam, Oude Kerk, AMSTERDANTWERPEN, sound poem/performance, September
  • Brussels, CIVA, group exhibition "Walking from Scores" (curator Elena Biserna), 9 July - 8 August
  • Bratislava, Sensorium Festival, Square Waves and Round Hits - headphone compositions for an intro- and outro-active audience (2021),  26 June (ongoing)
  • Porto, Serralves - PERISCOPE podcast series "Echo-Ovations (some spaced out thoughts and memories about acoustic impressions)", 25 May ongoing
  • Frankfurt, Basis - "House of Ear"for group expo We Can Be Heros (together with  Christina Kubisch, Lea Letzel, Michael Maierhof, Christoph Ogiermann, Oxana Omelchuk, Uwe Rasch, curated by Hannes Seidl), 2 June - 1 August 2021
  • Brussels, Kanal-Centre Pompidou, "ECHO OVATIONS: SHOUTING, acoustic intervention together with Lilia Mestre and Michael Schmid, 24 + 25th of April  
  • Brussels, Kanal-Centre Pompidou - "Line-Up" (2010) for 5 performers with Ictus Ensemble, 15 April (postponed to autumn 2021)
  • Brussels, Kanal-Centre Pompidou, SCORES FOR THE BODY, THE BUILDING & THE SOUL, score book for the very building of Kanal-Centre Pompidou,  from Sept 2020 till 25th of April



red = new works
exhibitions, installations- 2019

  • projects, pieces & performances (sounds, moves, installments) - 2019

    • Berlin, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, "No Music" intervention, for valedictory lecture of Boris Balin, 1 February
    • Gent, De Bijloke: "House of Ear", sound installation & self-performance parcours with students of CASC@KASK and GAME, 6 April
    • Frankfurt, HfMDK (IzM), New Music Night: listening automat (former "inverted operas"),  music/game concept for ensemble and self-performing audiences in public spaces (created together with Holly Gramazio and Roasrio Talevi) with students of Lucas Fels, 30 April
    • Ghent, Croxhapx, drag and drop - hit and run - making love - just for fun,  Walk-Performance, 17 May 
    • Berlin, Kantine am Berghain, "for incoming crowd- D.J.H", live electronic set for Time Krytall III, 21 June
    • Berlin, BKA-Theater, Unerhörte Musik, Hallo 1 - 2 - 3 (2000), for solo guitar by Kobe Van Couwenberghe, 25 June
    • Belgrade, Belgrade Philharmonic (for Phones:On), NO-MUSIC: earpieces (remix 2) (2019), played by Ensemble Zabuna, 27 June
    • Eupen (BE), Meakusma Festival 2019, head and phones, land and scape, night or day, all one shape  (2016), headphone compositions for people in landscape, 7&8 Sept
    • Hasselt (BE), z33, "trans & form, breath & hum, dive & touch, hit & run", new work 2019, headphone compositions, inauguration 15 Sept (from then ongoing)
    • Maastricht, Marres, intro-activity for performative audiences (work title), 18 September
    • Brussels, Walter (SMOG series), audience observations & "schnipsen": snapping for sound and image (2001), with The Third Guy (Ruben Martinez Orio & Primož Sukič), 27 Sep 
    • Ghent, Vooruitsound work for "Mount Takl" by Heike Langsdorf, 30&31 October
    • Leuven, STUK (beyond music), "all one shape" (premier), sound performance, 27 November (FB event)
    • Brussels, Nieuwland site, various projects, long-term commission VGC, all year
    • Novi Sad, Belgrade Philharmonic (for Phones:On), NO-MUSIC: earpieces (remix 2) (2019), played by Ensemble Zabuna, 16 Dec

  • publications & print - 2019

  • lectures & teaching - 2019

    • Brussels, Bellone: Brussels Talk, public interview about "What people say", "Belgian solutions" and "project Nieuwland", 27 Feb
    • Hasselt, AZ nights, talk about new commission by Art Museum Z33, 19 March 
    • Ghent, KASK, masterclass with students of CASC@KASK and GAME, 2018/19
    • Darmstadt, INMM/Akademie der Tonkunst: "(aus sich) Rausgehen - soziale Choreographien und Intro-aktivität" lecture& performance with and by audience, 26 April 
    • Frankfurt, HfMDK (IzM), project class/workshop, improvisation and interactivity, April
    • Brussels, LUCA school of arts, Brussels walk, 16 September
    • Brussels, Street Photography Festival, curation, teaching, presentation, jury, 4-6 Oct

  • press & documentations, features - 2019

    • BBC Radio 3 in "Sound of the Week" 7min feature, 9 November 2019
    • ARTE, "Babel Express", rebroadcast of program about Belgian artists, 15 June (online till 21/6)
    • Belgium, Still magazine, Brussels Tracks meets a visual impaired listener, article + photos by Veerle Frissen, January
    • Belgium, RTBF (TV), Belgian solutions feature for "7 à la une", 7min, January



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