Libera me (music by mistake) - installation

Libera me
cloned Freud room, distorted Verdi aria, volume pedal

theatrical and sound installation
sound piece part of the series 'music by mistakes'

shown at the solo exhibition 'Responsaria'
presented by odradek in Gent, Belgium, from 13-15 June 2008

(images + sound extract: listen at least 40 seconds!)

The installation libera me is a theatrical room, placed slightly non-symmetrical in the exhibition space. Surrounded by fake walls and bookshelves the room of Sigmund Freuds famous couch is reconstructed with some essential elements. Only a floor lamp gives a bit of light. The visitor is invited to take place on the couch and listen from here to the sound file.

The sound file is the aria libera me from Verdis Requiem. By a reading mistake/bug of a computer the file is randomly distorted. This gives a very threatening extra layer to the original music. The distortion includes as well a looping process. Non of this is artificially made by the artist, but only the result of this digital error.

Just outside the room the visitor finds a big green armchair (like the one Freud was sitting on during his sessions). This outside perspective is supported by a foot-volume pedal in front of the chair. Herewith the person sitting on the chair can control the volume (and nothing else) of the sound. Even though the sound stays loud, the controller may take away or add some of the aggressive potential of the loudness. This may be considered a one-way interaction between visitors of the installation.


instrumental compositions & co.


Album NYH