Listening is a performative act (essay for Musiktexte, 2016)

"The space of the audience is a performative space." essay 
(photo: David Helbich, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, 2015)

Hören ist ein performativer Akt - for MusikTexte, May 2016 (DE)

Listening is a performative act - for MusikTexte, May 2016 (EN)

This text was published in the issue #149 of the German magazine on New Music 'MusikTexte' within the collection of composer-essays on the ideas developed by Jennifer Walshe around a 'New Discipline' in the field of contemporary music and performance art.

Other texts (some of them in English as free pdfs on the website of MusikTexte) by a.o. Jennifer Walshe, Kara Feely, Travis Just, Uwe Rasch, James Saunders, Hannes Seidl, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Louis d’Heudières, Matthew Shlomowitz, Neele Hülcker, Carolyn Chen, Andy Ingamells, Edward Henderson, François Sarhan.

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