David Helbich (1973; Berlin/Bremen) has been living and working in Brussels since 2002.
He studied composition and philosophy in Amsterdam and Freiburg.

His works take place on stages, on paper, online and in the public space. They have been recently presented a.o. at Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin), Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and UnionDocs (New York).

Apart from teaching, as for example at the International Summer Courses for New Music Darmstadt, he is the author of the bestselling photo books Belgian solutions - volume 1 and volume 2 (Luster, Antwerp).

A recurrent interest is the understanding of an audience as active individuals and the search for an opening up of experiences in socially and artistically restricted spaces.

Many of his concepts around physical and social experiences are presented in score books as well as in live performances.

CV David Helbich (2017)

dates of performances and exhibitions

interview with Harold Schellinx about some of my concepts (2013)

Helbich currently works with a generous support of Flanders - State of the Art.

For the portraits, please contact me or the photographers directly, if you would like to use any of these pictures.

in front of the installation Be There, Do This, Berlin 2016 photo: Aram Bartholl
in front of the installation Be There, Do This, Berlin 2016, photo: Aram Bartholl


photo edit: MaĆ­ra Ramos, 2014

photo: David Helbich, 2014

photo: Katja Dreyer, 2013

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