Audience Scores for the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam - print & perfromance

7 scores for interactive audience, 2016

Scores for the Church, the Building, the Body and the Audience
for the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam (2016)

seven scores on paper for self-performing individuals

Every audience member gets a A3 sized print with the scores (instructions and illustrations) at the entrance. They are invited to perform the scores themselves, individually or with others one after the other or in random order (only piece 7 should for obvious reasons be last).  

During the performances the sheet shows more and more traces of the interventions until it finally gets ripped apart during the last piece, Music in 64 pieces.

program note:

"The score is the instrument is the score. 
And we are the audience are the performers are the audience. 
The listener is the mover is the observer is the tree hugger.
Paper can be stone can be a grave can be for ever. 

Paper can be sound can be reflections can be for now."

concept, compositions, scores: David Helbich
graphic design: Paul Gangloff
curator: Fleur van Muiswinkel (Oude Kerk)

Photos here under by Ernst van Deursen.
Video: camera: John Treffer, direction: Taatske Pieterson,  edit: Louise Baduel

Scores for the Church, the Building, the Body and the Audience

for the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

by David Helbich

Hand Piece
Touch surfaces such as pillars, walls, graves, benches, or doors with both hands.
Always have one hand on the paper and one off the paper.
Try at least 7 different surfaces.

Eye Piece
Roll the score sheet into a tube and look through it with one eye. Leave the other eye open.
Try to view as many pillars as possible through the tube-telescope.
Learn this image by heart.

Finger Slider makes Body bow
Hold the paper to a wall with one finger on Nr. 1.
Slide to Nr. 2. The sheet will rotate around the point of your finger.
Slide back and forth between corners.
Travel along and down the wall with this game.

Foot Piece
Put one foot on the paper and start walking around the choir by sliding the paper on the ground.
Choose your own tempo. Enjoy the sound it makes.

Cough Piece (Be there, Do This)
Cough and enjoy the small, fluttering echo from the ceiling.

Leaning Piece
Lightly fold the sheet of paper several times in such a way, that the orange dot is on top. (Do not crease the paper too much.)
Choose a pillar or a part of the wall and lean against it, touching it only with your forehead while holding the sheet in between the stone and your body. Stay like this for a while, even a bit longer than you would prefer.
Repeat this posture at two other locations.

Music in 64 Pieces
Do this piece on a location of your choosing
(within the choir).
Rip paper along the dotted lines in the order of the numbers.
long dots = as slow as possible
short dots = as fast as possible


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