Pieces from 2001 - 2005
Published 2013
Label: Surfacenoise

The album contains a series of wildly cut field-recordings resulting in a hyper realistic close-reading of the sound material. Totally nerdy and very punk!

Review on The Field Reporter blog  

 A lot of the pieces were made in the context of the photo-sound-dance performance Keine-Spiele (with Shila Anaraki) and partly used in the performance Stückbehauptungen. The device at the time were binaural mics and an MD player.

Balkon: Holztür (0:14) 
Tennis-Tisch: Akzente + Vögel (0:42) 
Aldi: norm (2:19) 
Straba: Schnitt 2 (0:30) 
Aldi: alles (1:37) 
Straba: Vögel (0:29) 
Aldi: stöhn (1:00) 
Strababel (1:51) 
Barockmusik: kaputt II (1:22) 
Glaskram (0:32) 
Duschkram (1:37) 
Balkon: kurz hin (0:13) 
Balkon: Presslufthammer (0:14) 
Mofa: manipuliert (0:26) 
Papierstücke (2:39) 
Milchschaumschläger (1:29) 
Baustrassenstellenbahn (0:44) 
Balkon: Ausschnitt (0:34)

Surfacenoise Recordings is a netlabel for sound art, field recordings, soundtracks and other sonic adventures, initiated by sound artist Peter Lenaerts. So far releases have been digital only, but for this occasion they have made a limited edition of CD-R’s. They’re beautifully handmade and come with extras not available with the digital release. 


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