CROSS THE LAND - conceptual bustour


from Brussels to the opening of greyzone at Z33 in Hasselt and back to Brussels.

Next to being a means of transport
the tour is a symbolic act.
It is a procession
bringing an object of cult back to where it came from:
the gallery space.

Saturday, 6 Feb 2010
16h15 departure Brussels by bus
19h15 start opening Z33, Hasselt 
0h00 departure back to Brussels by bus
"in general it was a bus tour to bring audience from brussels to a smaller place in flanders, where the opening of an exhibition took place. I organized this tour and used it in the same time as the context of a set of interventions and performances  of my own work. Since I am organizing (or composing) quite a lot of walk-pieces in urban spaces, this action could be seen as a continuation of this practice. But this time we crossed a 'land'.

I framed the entire bus tour into a symbolic action, where we were bringing an installation almost like a holy grail from here to there. The object of this 'ceremony' was an old slide-projector, which I used during years for performances. As a trace of this past we carried it symbolically from Brussels to its place in the exhibition. Different members of the audience got the task of carrying it, with others taking care of the 20m long cable - the veil of mystification...

During the bus trip I showed 3 videos and we stopped two times. The videos were showing recordings I did on forehand in the fields surrounding the highway the bus took. And one (my first) Google Dérive, a technic where I am improvising my way on a (google) map. The recording of this is later edited to a movie.

The two stops were used to carry out a walk through a forgotten village and to show slides/dias on the wall of an Apple farmer with this old projector (with images from an old performance).

The trip took three hours and we were welcomed by the local audience of the exhibition hall."

Pictures and movies from the procession:

Installation during the expo: simply the projector, the object of ceremony, how we left it:

And this happened on the way back:


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