extract score LAUTHALT

for violin, clarinet, cello, guitar, piano (2005)

premiered by Plus-Minus Ensemble

Lauthalt (pdf), score with corrections (first part starts now p.5, second part starts p.1)

Lauthalt part 1 (mp3)
Lauthalt part 2 (mp3)
a montage and rearrangment, showing the new version of the piece: some minutes shorter and in better order. The recording used here is from a concert by the plus-minus ensemble, 2005 at workspace nadine/Brussels.
Lauthalt (mp3), the original version, played by plusminus in the St. Petri Dom in Bremen. The accustics of this cathedral with its 8 seconds of reverb (!) where a major inspiration for the piece.

extract score Lauthalt


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