Zicht Ruil - looking through walls (photography, 2019)

photo exchange project within institutional context

"Zicht Ruil" (exchange of views) is part of a long-term project for the partner organizations at the Nieuwland site in Brussels. It consists of a series of photos that are shown only as an "internal" exhibition within the spaces where they are taken.

Nieuwland is an agglomeration of several institutions in the fields of culture, education and sport that share a big site and some buildings in the center of Brussels. They are (almost) all subsidized by the VGC (Flemish Community Commission)

The  pictures are all taken in the work spaces and offices of the organizations. They show close-ups of details in their work environments. All the framed (dibond) photos are hanging at the site in the spaces of the organizations. The photos are exchanged regularly between the organizations.

The concept of an internal exhibition hopes to emphasize the advantages of artistic interventions within institutional work environments. The role of the art works is to drill virtual peep holes through the separating walls between neighbors and aestheticize the backstage of our screens and surfaces, that catches our eyes, when ever we search for distraction.

The project was commissioned for "Kunst in Opdracht" by the VGC, 2018-2020.



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