My Seoul Memes - photo series

My Seoul Memes, 16 pieces, 2018

My Seoul Memes

A series of up to now 16 photos with text made in Seoul, South Korea in 2018. 

The added text plays with the format and dramaturgy of memes in social media, but introduces a different relationship between beholder, photo and text, that oscillates between the authors voice and self-performance scores.

The series is part of the collection of the nomadic Fuseum of Motography (Fusée de la Motographie) by Recyclart-Brussels/Vincen Beekman that tours festivals, galleries and muesums. (for dates please go to HERE)

Next date, Thursday, July 25th 2019, Recyclart, Brussels.

Exhibition pictures from Seoul, SASG, studio showing, September 2018 and from the Fuseum of Motography event at Hangar Art Center :


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