Cross the land

film: Google Map Dérive in area between Brussels to Hasselt 2010
sound: Ram-ing 2006
(video montage: Inneke Van Waeyenberghe)

Google map dérives are normally without soundtracks. For this video of the map dérive for the conceptual bustour Croos The Land, I added the track 'ram-ing' later when I put it on youtube.

Google Dérive:
"A Performer, a table, a mouse, a computer (hidden), a beamer. The performer gets lost in his situationist enthusiasm, while strolling through satellite images of th earth. He looks for aesthetics of geometrical and psychological criteria, as well as for a way out of there...

I did Google Map Dérives of:
- Brussels (my homeadress) > Hasselt (Z33): for Cross the land / Z33
- Aarhus (Festival Center) > out of town: for the SPOR Festival for contemporary music
- Versailles, castle > around Paris: for Dominokingdom with Olivier Perrier (spoken instructions)
- Antwerp: as a workshop for a.pass /

The 'map walks' are searching in a quasi situationist manner the map for other interests and criteria than directions.

The film was shown without sound in a bus, while driving through the same region. The blue line in the beginning marks the way of the drive. The audience of the artisticly conceptual bustour arrived after 3 hours at the opening of the 'greyzone' exhibition in Z33 (Hasselt, Belgium).

The sound piece is based on a ram-sound files of spoken voices, which I first by mistake and then deliberately opened by programs normally unable to read these sort of files. I did this by giving them false file extensions.
A kind of forced mistake with results of 20 times the original length and of an abstract beauty.
This particular piece was composed out of different files for a DVD of the artists residence place Nadine in Brussels in 2006.
Another version of ram-ing appears in my installation Responsaria / Gegen die Wand (2008).


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