SHOUTING PIECE - Aarhus & New York

Video of performance in Bruuns Galleri, Aarhus

Video of performance in Penn Station, NYC

Video of New York City, Grand Central performance


a conceptual composition with a social dimension

for an acoustic intervention in a crowded public space
by three performers without any material
duration: one hour

The performers enter a public space and accumulate shouting, whistles and other common acoustic signals. These appear first only incidentally and develop into an acoustic intervention that cannot be ignored.

The development of the original composition (mainly a well organized accumulation) was changed for Grand Central/NYC and for Penn Station/NYC due to the circumstances of the space and the amount of performers. The actions here are merely singular and and follow less strict a time-line.

emphasis of incidental sounds in a public noise field; unconscious differentiation of signals and random sounds; understanding the public space as a performative space; the personal message versus a public communication"

Aarhus, 7 May 2010
intervention in public space for three performers of ensemble Scenatet
16:00-17:00 Bruuns Galleri, Aarhus/DK (> SPOR festival) 

New York, 2 June 2010
18:30-19:30 Grand Central, New York (> ICMC)

New York, 2 June 2010
10:00-11:00 Penn Station, New York (> ICMC)

PDF of score