SOCIAL PIECE + There are many ways of saying Gleichzeitgkeit

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SOCIAL PIECE: the result of Pay a Day
at ROOM 8 / Lydgalleriet, Bergen, Norway
Wednesday, 10 March 2010, 15:30 

A performance-composition deeply struggling with its social aspects.
The concepts of social behavior and social control will merge with sociological statistics and ... music.

PAY A DAY was an experimental set-up to finance a composition by David Helbich
for the contemporary music festival, Borealis, in Bergen/Norway.

It was runnng since November 2009 until the actual performance at 15:30, 10 March 2010 in Bergen. Check the PAY A DAY-blog.

Social Piece
is the title of David Helbichs piece, written during the payed days of PAY A DAY
and performed by the author and 5 secret assitents. Read about the outcome HERE.


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