WALK 4 - one hour, one metro station, two groups

WALK 4 - one hour, one metro station

concept: David Helbich
composition: David Helbich, Christophe Meierhans

performance date video: January 2007
performance on video: David Helbich, Christoph Ragg

context: created during the residence 'THE TEMPORARY INSTITUTE' at workspace Nadine in Brussels.

walking-art score for 2 guides + audience
for 1h in one subway station, 2006/7

WALK 4 is a 45 minutes walk with two groups through the metro-station Art-Loi in Brussels. On the base of this public choreography lies a complex composition and a ticket to ride.

Talking was not allowed during the walk. Two guides were leading through the score of the composition. The audience had to decide in the moment, whom to follow.


Here the super documentation with comments from Christophe Meierhans, the voice Joanna Bailie, images from Workspace Nadine and a montage by myself.


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Album NYH