Bark like a dog - Metamorphosis in 15 steps

15 challenges for a hiking audience
 illustrations: Rinah Lang
design: Miriam Hempel


commissioned by the commune of Herzele, Belgium
for the series of artworks around the hiking paths of the GR-Vlaamse Ardennen

The entire project with info (in Dutch), maps and works by all artists here:


The English version of the assignment cards of Bark like a dog you'll find here.

Bark like a dog - Metamorphosis in 15 steps

Walks change everything, they change the environment and they change those who walk. The landscape is marked by the footsteps and paved paths of walkers, but at the same time each step also leaves a mark on the walker's body and mind. After a walk, nothing is the same, everything is different in its own way.

Bark like a dog acknowledges the transformative power of walked paths and builds its interventions around that. With 15 assignments cards for each walker to complete at times and places of their choosing, this work taps into the creative and imaginative potential of each individual. The cards initially show only their illustrations. To read the assignments, the cards must be "flipped" with a click. (counts only for the original website in dutch).
For a complete metamorphosis, it is best to play all the cards.

The transformation is different and personal for everyone, an exact result cannot be expected. However,
Bark like a dog attempts to offer different and perhaps new ways to relate to the immediate environment. This can be both less obvious and very personal, and absurd and playful.

The order is also free, while the cards conceptually build on each other: The first 5 cards play with the idea of integration and adaptation to the environment, the next 5 cards try to slightly alienate, provoking a fictional shift between imagination and reality. And in the last 5 cards, imagination completely takes over. The transformation, the change is now an individual choice. 





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