Imagine there was no roof - sound meditations

printed rugs with listening instructions, various sizes and designs (photo at Basis, Frankfurt, 2021)    

Imagine there was no roof 

intro-active sound meditations 

series of printed rugs and doormats, since 2020, new version 2022

Imagine there was no roof invites visitors to brief sound meditations while standing on the rugs. The meditations emphasize imaginative listening by evoking inner sounds. Imagining, as much as remembering and anticipating, are all listening spaces adjacent to acoustics.

The series is taken from the artist’s installation concept House of Ear, in which he creates spatial installations from an ever-growing growing collection of pieces and formats. Each of which plays in its own way on the imaginary and concrete spaces of listening and hearing.

For this, the experience of sound is regarded as that of a movement: a back and forth, between the inner and outer spaces of our body, from the opposite wall, through our spiral shaped ear directly into the brain, and into the last corners of thought. And back.

While we hear sound, while sound swirls around us, we think it too. Somewhat analytically, yet also quite creatively: we think our hearing into existence. This physical and cognitive intrinsic element of the acoustic experience is the departure point and the source of the
aesthetic results in the works.

Exhibited in group and solo shows: 

Chroniques- Biennale of digital imagination, Marseille

4 rugs for Chroniques Biennale in Marseille 2022

version for Basis, Frankfurt (2021)
version for D Museum, Seoul (2020/21)



impressions from Art Track Jeju, South Korea, 2023




And here Robert Henke (Monolake) on a carpet in Seoul. Bad picture, good company.


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