Wave Bath in House of Ear (Ghent)

intro-active installation with standing waves

wave bath
sound installation, sub woofer, standing waves, taped score

A phenomenological choreography, triggered by the soft spots of standing waves.
You are invited to look for the softest or loudest places in the room. Once the tones change, find a new spot. If you are with more people, observe the regularities in your positions.

The sound installations  "Wave-Bath" was developed for the ongoing concept "House of Ear", a series of immersive installations set-ups around hearing and listening. In a first version of House of Ear the installation tour was brought together with works of students of a masterclass about listening as a self-performance practice.

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House of Ear (Ghent, 2019)

an intro-active journey through our listening and hearing
with two sound installations"Wave-Bath" and "Below Your Mind"

House of Ear is an immersive and intro-active sound tour. It combines sound installations, self-performance scores and interventions around the idea that listening and hearing starts with thinking sound before it reaches our ears or even reflects in space. 

It is a traveling concept with site- and context-specific workshops, curation and build-up that started in 2018/19 as a masterclass for KASK/Ghent. Together with students and teachers we created an all-day presentation for Ear to the Ground Festival at De Bijloke.

program note for De Bijloke:

House of Ear (2019) is the equivalent of a detox session for the hearing and the listening, a workshop for intro-action (as opposed to inter-action). Michel Foucault’s concept "techniques of self" meets Pauline Olivero’s deep-listening strategies meets hashtags like #selfcare, #selfcaresunday en #metime, all thought from out aesthetic expression of a phenomenological interest.

For this first occasion the participants of the masterclass House of Ear for KASK/Ghent by David Helbich change the dressing rooms of De Bijloke/Ghent into a series of rooms for a proper treatment of the audiences hearing and listening. Which obviously works best with a hint of humor.

The works in progress for this edition were by Anna Jalving, Clara Lévy, Simone Basani, Ward Ginneberge, Hugo Ranilla, Anne Zeuwts, Mar Sala Romagosa, Joanneke Jouwsma, Sara Mendez, Noriko Yakushiji, Philippe Druez, Heike Langsdorf, Joris Blanckaert, David Helbich

The first edition of House of Ear was a production by GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble) and CASC@KASK (research trajectory Heike Langsdorf) at the Ear to Ground Festival 2019 at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Ghent.

curator: David Helbich
concept: David Helbich & Joris Blanckaert

poster for De Bijloke, Ear to the Ground festival 2019


instrumental compositions & co.

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