drag and drop - hit and run - making love - just for fun

the "body&building" bit,  for MIR Festival, Athens, 2018

drag and drop - hit and run - making love - just for fun

a social choreography, a spacial contemplation.

two experimental night walks
for MIR Festival, Athens, November 2018

program note:

A guidance through the night, a task for no light, a score just for you.
We walk the city to touch stone and air, we hang out here and we hang out there, there is always something to do.

We all will be our own performer and our own audience at the same time. We will be the buildings and the buildings will be us. Spaces are us.

It’s all about an experience of a place through movement and non-movement. But it is also about the locality of freedom: where does it happen, within the anonymity of a collective movement, or within exposed of solitude?

comment with the first two pictures :

Body & building - choreographical figures for a physical appropriation of powerful architecture, arranged for my 80min night-performance "drag'n drop, hit'n run, making love, just for fun" during @mirfestival in the streets of Athens, together with the audience.

Our task here was to slowly walk next to each other on Syntagma square towards the parliament of Greece, in one long line, self-correcting it's shape constantly, while observing how, visually, the building slowly sinks into the big staircase. Everyone choose one of the horizontal lines in the design of this neoclassical building and stopped walking when that line hit the line of the upper step of the staircase. Thus the constellation of the standing group became an ironical representation and maybe embodiment of this symbol of power. 

The power of people, as it claims to be, but this is not always how it feels...

Bonus info: Our social choreography stood in a silent dialogue with the guards of the Greek Parliament, who 24/7 perform a dance like walk in front of many tourist (and even totally alone).


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