Scores for the Body, Building and Soul (Brussles, Rotterdam, Paris, Antwerp)

Absorb your body, mind and soul into the step. (Bozar, Brussels)

Scores for the Body, Building and Soul

Instructions and scored concepts for self-performativity in and around (symbolic) architecture

"Perform the pieces in any order, but do them all for best results. 
Don't be put off by the historical references. It is all about you and your actual experience. 
If you enjoy this, do it twice."

1. Seven Scores for the Body, Mind and Soul for Horta Hall of Bozar, Brussels
(within a collaboration with Sujata Goel)
developed in the context of Monsoon (a project by Kobalt)
December 2013

2.  Six Scores for Body & Building & Sould for the Van Nellen Factory, Rotterdam
invited by Tale of a Tub Gallery, Rotterdam
for Art Rotterdam
February 2015

3. Six Scores for the Body, Building and Soul for the Palais de Tokyo, Paris
invited by Palais de Tokyo, Paris
for Do Disturb! (a.o. Palais de Tokyo,  MoMA PS1, Tate Modern & Berghain)
April 2015
English version

4. Some Scores for the Body, Building, Street and Soul for the Mechelnseplein, Antwerp
invited by Villanella/De Studio, Antwerp
for the Mechelsepleinfeesten
June 2015

Palais de Tokyo, 2015
Six Scores for the Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam

'Nice to meet you, Dan Graham', Rotterdam

Shouting, Rotterdam

Wall Sex, Rotterdam

Wall Sex, Rotterdam

Wall Sex, Rotterdam


Give it a good, warm hug. Count to 20, slowly.
... like climbing a wall.

Choose a spot in the center of the space.

Hum very softly for a little while.

collaborator Sujata Goel (in red)

"...Then slide down." Bonus Track ©Choy Ka Fei

Seven Scores for Horta Hall ©Choy Ka Fei

©Choy Ka Fei

"Ignore yourself."
from 'Nice to meet you, Dan Graham'
©Choy Ka Fei
'Wall Sex' ©Choy Ka Fei

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Scores for Palais de Tokyo, Paris (FR)
Scores for Palais de Tokyo, Paris (EN)

Sujata Goel & D. Helbich,
in the background 'Cheers Vali Export'
©Choy Ka Fei


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