Seven Scores for Horta Hall (with Sujata Goel)

Absorb your body, mind and soul into the step.

Scores for Horta Hall

in Bozar, Brussels

by  Sujata Goel and David Helbich

developed in the context of Monsoon (a project by Kobalt)

December 2013


Give it a good, warm hug. Count to 20, slowly.

... like climbing a wall.

Hum very softly for a little while.
Choose a spot in the center of the space.

collaborator Sujata Goel (in red)
"...Then slide down." Bonus Track ©Choy Ka Fei

Seven Scores for Horta Hall ©Choy Ka Fei

©Choy Ka Fei

"Ignore yourself." ©Choy Ka Fei
©Choy Ka Fei

©Choy Ka Fei